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30 April 2009 @ 07:21 pm
GSR in season 10!  
(original source: UK Radio Times, found on: http://www.gsrforeverlove.com/page/GSR+spoilers. At this URL, the person who posted it had uploaded pictures of the article. Below, I have typed up what was included in the article.)
Where There's a Gil
With a CSI film and a European two-parter on the way Grissom's story isn't over, reveals William Petersen.

     He may have walked out of the Las Vegas Crime Lab for the last time, but neither Gil Grissom nor actor William Petersen have said their final goodbye on CSI.
     Not only is Petersen an executive producer of the hit series, but he's also busy planning a way to bring the bug-loving CSI boss back next year with a European adventure. And for the first time he has confirmed there will be a CSI film.
     "Yes, there will be a movie," he says firmly, "I can understand people are a little trepidatious because of the franchise around the world and how well it's doing.  Usually people leave it till a series has finished -- they did that with Sex and the City.
     "But it's about finding the right story -- there has got to be a real reason to do it.  You don't just do it because you want to make money; you do it because there's a story that can't be told on television and needs to be told  from CSI's perspective and the audience wants it.  And we can't wait for CSI to end or Grissom will be about 90."
     Petersen is already in talks with two of the most powerful men in Hollywood, legendary film producer (and fellow executive CSI producer) Jerry Bruckheimer and the current president of CBS, Leslie Moonves, about timescales and, as the star of American TV's highest-rated show for years, Petersen is someone they listen to.  But even more pressing is his plan to bring Grissom back next season in a two-part television  story set in France.
"We have an idea for how it would happen -- now Jorja Fox (who plays Sara Sidle) and I are out of the show,  we could pull something off in Europe without disrupting the other episodes they have to shoot."
      When Petersen announced he was quiting the show to go back to theatre, and Grissom was seen joining Sara in a jungle in Costa Rica, it might have seemed like the end of the story for TV's most enigmatic crime solver.  But Petersen has a different take on the split.
     "It was like a great relationship that ended well, as opposed to some nightmarish divorce with custody battles," he says.  " Hopefully we can all still be friends."  Indeed, Petersen was back on set to watch his old pal William Friedkin (The Exorcist, French Connection) direct the 200th CSI episode (shown here in two weeks' time) and although he doesn't make an appearance, he did make it to the after-show party.
     It's a few months now since Petersen played his last scene and it's given him time to reflect.  "It's a bittersweet situation because there is a part of me that, for the first time in ten years, feels like me now I don't have to think about Gil Grissom -- and there's a part of me that misses Gil Grissom.  To this day I believe the ten years I spent in the theatre before I made a movie or TV show was critical.  I didn't have anything and I was just as happy.  I was doing the work I loved, with the people I liked, for the right reasons.  It allowed me to feel I could leave the show.  I know it's unusual to have someone do that, but I think it would happen more often than not if people felt they could live without it."
     And in one small way Petersen's wife Gina helped him leave Grissom behind, at least for the time being.  "They wanted to give me Grissom's fetal pig but my wife wouldn't let me have it -- quite frankly, anything that was in Grissom's office my  wife doesn't want in the house because it's pretty gross."
--Tracey Perkins

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